The frogs we loved enough to keep

Mom, can we keep him?
Sure, a few frogs might be nice,
Keepsake of the lake!

We picked out the frogs
an aquarium was bought,
The pet frogs were loved.

A piece of the lake
now, as real as it could be,
right in our kitchen.

Food turned out to be
our one really big problem;
crickets — and that’s it.

The store-bought ones died.
So the boys dug up their own
big, fat, black crickets.

They barely fit in
each frog’s mouth: black legs hung out!
Yet, the frogs were fed.

The next problem was,
the tank became polluted!
The frogs ate so much.

The piece of the lake
was now a gross, smelly mess,
we’d rather not have.

So, we learned that frogs
hibernate in the winter.
They must miss the lake.

We loaded them up,
A journey back to their home.
Safe, sound, in the lake.

So, Sleep tight, dear frogs

we’ll now say our goodbyes

See you this Spring.

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11 comments to “The frogs we loved enough to keep”
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  2. Outstanding poem and story…and ending. We have frogs at our house in the burbs and our daughter names them each spring…unfortunately the neighbor cat – we think – decreases our habitat by season’s end. 🙁 Great pics too!

  3. As a kid, I had a tadpole that turned into a frog and my parents made me let it go at a lake. Probably a good decision, but I still remember how sad I was 🙂

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