The Family Photo Wall

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There is a blank wall in our living room that’s screaming for help. The wall sits opposite the fireplace, and holds the sofa. Literally, there are two photos hanging there that are completely off-center, and one frame is gold, the other is silver. Photo to come. (It’s already dark, and the morning sun will be beaming in there first thing tomorrow.)

So, I’m going all out — I’m rounding up picture frames in odd places all over the house.  I even bought the dreaded word FAMILY to put just a bit off-center in the middle of the frames. I’m going through magazines looking for the master plan.

(not my house… magazine photo)

So far, my plan is to spray paint them all the same color (gold or silver, or a combination of the two). I just edited photos all day, and I should be ready to pick up black and white photos tomorrow.


(Again… not my house… just inspiration.)


The layout is all over the floor in the living room. Tomorrow, I’ll be using newspaper to copy the frames and tape them to the wall so that I can make sure it’s perfect before I pound the first nail in the wall. There’s a how-to Pottery Barn video here. (Very cool — but obviously measuring for those nails is going to be the tricky part — did you see all those numbers scrawled all over the craft paper!)

No kidding. Not my house. Did you think I could get away with having all that white with four boys here? Certainly not.

Just dreaming…

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