The Clues are in the “Ums” and “Ahs”

“It just doesn’t feel like Christmas unless I’m out making deliveries.”  While most kids were busy making Christmas lists, Karmen  was out with her mom and siblings, giving presents away. “In our spare time, they wiped down the shelves off the food pantry.”

When I’m interviewing someone for an article, I usually try to type everything they say into my Ipad — so I don’t miss a word. Every  “um,” “ah,” “and” and  “well” is there… and I know, if there are stumbled, stuttered words over a particular topic, that this is the that needs to be explored. Every stumble is a clue to something bigger.

You learn more about what is not said, than said. This is where I know a story is hidden. When Karmen Dann started talking, I stopped typing and listened… and her words have run through my core ever since the day she showed me how her mother showed her what it means to serve others.


Sometimes, the person I’m interviewing makes a profound impact. Please read her complete story, and learn about her, here. 

Around the same time, I learned about another pioneering mom, and you can read about her here.

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