The Christmas Gift For Your Teen That Gives You Peace of Mind

I can still remember those long, dark winter nights, driving down the snow covered roads, traveling to my job and back to campus, late at night, after the mall had closed and the bank deposit had been made.
This was an affordable car. An old car. One that, I often feared, could breakdown at any minute, and I would have no idea how to fix it, or where to go for help, or how I would pay for the repairs.

But, I had a security blanket. It was a sticker in the corner of my windshield… it said AAA. If I had a flat tire, if my car wouldn’t start – I had someone to call. And although I used the service to unlock the car door more than anything else, I knew those guys with the red AAA badge on their shirt pockets were reliable.

My parents renewed my AAA membership every year for me at Christmas. This was, in hindsight of course, the one gift that carried me through the entire year. I am sure that I showed little appreciation for this gift, failing to see its true value until now, when I have my own kids out driving around on winter roads.

ski005But I think my lack of appreciation didn’t matter. The AAA membership to me was really, a gift for my parents. The gift, of course, was peace of mind: that no matter how far I drove, in all kinds of weather, I had someone looking out for me. As a mom now, myself, I can’t think of any better security blanket than a AAA membership to give my young drivers.

It’s Christmas, and this is the one gift you can give that will actually bring you peace of mind — they do have the country’s largest roadside assitance fleet of help.

Today, there are 3 different AAA membership levels to choose from. Go to the membership page, to figure out which plan makes the most sense for you. And don’t forget all of those other great AAA membership benefits, including TripTiks, travel discounts, and insurance discounts.

This is a sponsored post is brought to you by AAA.

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