The Bowls They Made

I had them stuffed in drawers all over the house. They hold paperclips, toothpicks, rubberbands, mints and spare keys. The determination to make something sentimental, practical; useful.bowlsdsc_0015

But, they are so pretty, and it seems a shame to have them tucked into a drawer.


So, I pulled them out, and put them on display… and this is my collection.


They have been made over the years, by tiny hands, starting at about age 3 or 4 — 


some are pinch pots, others were actually made on the wheel, when Shanda, their teacher, was around to assist. 

The paint was the key identifier. Each boy had his own idea of what his bowl would look like when it came out of the kiln… always different than the color they expected — but somehow, they always came our perfectly.bowlsdsc_0002



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