The Bones Came Together Nicely

He’s doing well today. But, each day will be a new day with its own set of challenges. Today, the surgery is behind us. The pain is blocked due to a nerve block, and that is currently on its way to wearing off. He just had his second Vicodin, and I’ve set my alarm for 1:30 a.m. for his next dose. He keeps looking me in the eye and asking, “Is it going to hurt as bad as it did when it first happened?” or “Will I feel the incision?” I tell him I don’t know, then I remind him how we are ahead of the pain now, and how much more we understand about keeping the leg elevated, and how we have all those great bags of peas to serve as ice packs. I think he’ll be fine with the pain. He did great last week, and I think he’ll surprise himself.

The first ice pack the surgery center gave to us leaked all over his dressing after he got home. So, now we are trying to dry it out with the hair dryer (a doctor from the center dropped by, a neighbor, and gave us that suggestion), and we’re going back tomorrow to have it re-wrapped to avoid infection.

The doctor said the bones came together nicely. My insomniac son is still in awe of the fact that he really did fall asleep so fast, and that “time really did stand still.”

The doctor’s wife brought me dinner, and I shamelessly devoured that lovely chicken broccoli casserole, peach pie and the fresh fruit, as if it was the first meal I’d had in days. This was food I didn’t even know I was hungry for until I took that first bite.  Thank you.

Hard to believe that November is when he’ll walk on his own again without crutches. But we’ll not look at that right now. Just one day at a time.
Update: Today, we learned that he has only one month in boot!

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