The Bicycle Wheel and Indulging in the News

Three years ago, when we were in the Russian River Valley in California, we ate in a bistro. In the back of this restaurant was this painting of a bicycle wheel.  I remembered it, stored in the archives of my photo collection, when I wrote this article, and created a graphic to go with the article. The article is the first of my new column… my next deadline is May 1.  branding001The article focused on finding a fast way to read all that you need to read on the internet — so that even if you’re just reading the headlines, you’ll know what’s going on.

I just started using Feedly a couple of months ago — and it was transformed me in ways I didn’t think was possible.  In addition to news, I added “space” titles, and I’m indulging in space headlines that I never thought I would have time to read. All I need is a quick glance to see that we just launched a space shuttle, and there is a new cluster and star forming.    And, I’m up to date and current, all of a sudden, when I thought I didn’t have time to read the news…

I could go on…

What secret pleasure do you think you don’t have time for? Book reviews? Art reviews?  Design — that’s one of mine. I like to see eco-friendly buildings going up all over the world…

What else is out there that you have suddenly found time for?


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