The Best, Easiest Way Yet to Hang Posters and Engineer’s Prints

Engineer’s Print

This one is my favorite picture — his lips caught forever, frozen in that curled up way he used to do when he was a toddler running around the kitchen, grabbing loaves of french bread, saying “This is mine!”  I was quite happy to turn this into a life-sized, giant poster print, so I can see it whenever I want. susiej posterphoto 4 (11)

Those gorgeous black and white engineer’s prints you get from Staples are a great way to liven up a room. Our guest cottage at the lake was a virtual expanse of white space, just dying for some cheap art.  So, I printed quite a few cherished memories at Staples and brought them back to the lake for hanging.

susiej posterIMG_1701

Untitled-2Those huge prints are cumbersome. You can try spry mounting them onto foam core, but it’s a hassle, and always leaves bubbles in your finished project. You can take those prints to Hobby Lobby to have them professional mounted on foam core, but you’ll pay upwards of $20, which is not an option if you’re decorating on the cheap. Hard to justify, when you only spent $4.00 on the print itself.

susiej posterphoto 3 (14)

Here’s a great solution:

susiej posterIMG_1698

Dowel Rods.

You can find dowel rods at craft stores, and your local hardware store. Pick two up, that are at least two inches wider than your poster.

susiej posterIMG_1699

Hot glue the dowel rods to the very top and bottom of your poster — leaving an evenly spaced amount of rod on each side of your poster.

susiej posterphoto 2 (19)

Use twine, or fishing line to tie each end of the dowel rod on the top of your poster, and hang.  A simple thumbtack will do the trick.


Hot glue

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