25 comments to “The Batman”
  1. What a cutie! And a great idea. I bet those Halloween costumes are warm. I know the big furry dog costume I got for my daughter, too hot for October, would be perfect now.

  2. The Waldorf mom in me says “Where’s his hat?!!!” but then remembers that sometimes fun is more important…the hat would ruin the whole bat ears effect.

  3. Never on Halloween. He dressed up as himself on Halloween… this is everyday.
    And yes, you’re right, Henitsirk, no point in pushing any covering of warmth that would interfere with “The Costume.”

  4. Fantastic!! I used to enjoy snow…now all I can think is “oh, that’s so cold!” But maybe if I put on a super hero costume it would be different. 🙂

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  7. Suzie this is such a lovely series. I would have been the crabby mum saying ‘get out of the snow in that costume before you freeze to death!!!’ I’m such a fuddy duddy 🙂

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