That Red Canoe Always Adds A Nice Touch

I took that blank canvas board that has been sitting in my garage for at least five years now, and threw some book pages on top. The book has also been sitting on my shelf for about five years… a memoir from an author I have never liked.

Funny, now that I’m ripping pages out, I find myself slowing down to read… the part about his father getting the courage to date after his mother died… and then realizing he fell for someone who pretended not to be married, but really was… what happened next? Then, of course, I realized, the next page was face down, covered in Mod Podge.

Applied stencils, taping them down with the 3M tape the folks at 3M sent me. Thank you very much.

At this point, the kids are gathering around. “What is she doing?”

“Are you kidding, Mom?”
“NO… I am really not kidding… go get busy and do what I’m telling you.”

The red canoe, waiting in the water, just outside the window, really adds a nice touch.


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