Is that all you can think about at a time like this?

The driver was swerving to keep from hitting the deer, when the car crashed into a telephone pole, splitting the car in two.  All 6 of the high school kids riding in the car lived. My cousin’s son, however, who had been riding in the backseat, was severely injured.  He was thrown from the car, the seat belt cut an artery in his neck, and a tree went through his knee. Still, thankfully, no one was killed.When he was conscious, and the surgeons were still busy working on him, his mother leaned over and said, “Were you just praying to God the whole time?”

His response? “Yeah. I was praying, God, please don’t let me die a virgin.”

The surgeons had to back away from the table because they were laughing so hard. A few days later when the boys was feeling better, the surgeons came in with a hat, with some money inside. The said, “We felt sorry for you. So, we took a collection, and now we just have to find a nurse who’s willing.”

Yes, it’s really true.

11 comments to “Is that all you can think about at a time like this?”
  1. My goodness. Who SAYS American health care isn’t terrific? Those folks are awesome….and not just because of their medical skills. Thanks for the story!

  2. Fantastic story! What a great family you have. I think the positive attitude & laughing with the doctors always helps with recovery. Best wishes for a complete recovery to him, xx

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