I know what I saw

The garage attic is a handy storage place for us. We keep Christmas, Halloween Easter, Valentine’s day, and I’m sure I’m missing a couple, decorations up there.

We also store toys up there — you know, rotate them so they aren’t all over the house at the same time. This would also include stuffed animals.

My husband was out of town when the opossum showed up in the attic. But my neighbor, the one with the shotgun, whom, I might add did not use that shotgun, was kind enough to go up there and investigate the opossum for me. His report was, “he’s sleeping, and I think he’s been up here for awhile,” as there were “droppings” for me to clean up. My neighbor was also kind enough to put the ammonia up there for me too. Which, worked beautifully, by the way.

So, the first thing my husband does when he returns home, is to investigate this “opossum nest.” He looks around, and says, “I don’t see an opossum… but I DO see lots of stuffed animals.”

Me: “Are you IMPLYING that I did not really see an opossum?”

No, No, he says.

Just then, my neighbor-with-the-shotgun pops his head over the fence. “You know, I just thought maybe staying home with 4 boys might be getting to her. So, I thought it was best to go along with whatever she said she saw.”

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  1. Do you mean to tell me that your neighbour tried to imply that those 4 lovely boys you have drove you crazy enough that you saw an imaginary opossum? I highly doubt that and your husband should agree with me!!!

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