That bag ain’t heavy; it’s my brother’s

The boys are concerned that little brother will be too sick to go trick-or-treating, and, horror of horrors, will get NO CANDY! So, they’ve devised a plan.

The little boy made his very own H1N1 sign (“How do you spell H1N1?”) and drew an unhappy swine. The brothers will take the photo, along with an extra bag for candy, and trick-or-treat for him.


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5 comments to “That bag ain’t heavy; it’s my brother’s”
  1. This has to be the kindest (and ingenious) idea ever! lol – you’re kids are great and smart…be careful they might use that to con you later on in life! 🙂

  2. OMG how precious is this??? LOVE his unhappy swine. I have been crook as a dog this last week too. Could have been swine flu. Who knows? Seems everyone’s had it here.

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