Is it finally Friday? Thank God.

Snicker-doodle cookie
dough pre-made for his birthday,
which chilled on the porch.

I ran out of milk
while making tapioca
A trip to the store.

He used all the milk
when he practiced his pouring…
table smells sour.

No Mylar balloons.
So, the caped crusader screams…
I paid for the milk.

His brothers, they cringed…
it’s so humiliating
everyone else stares.

Ants crawled in the dough
while the dough chilled on the porch.
Ants, you can have it!

Now, it’s 5:30
dinner’s still frozen turkey.
Need pressure cooker.

The tapioca!
Scorched while I tutored and cleaned.
Most of it is fine.

I have much to do
that can’t be done when they’re home.
No time for bon-bons.

Four point five hours
per week is all that I get.
I take a deep breath.

Today I will share
my time to help in his class.
“Stay longer,” he says.

The pressure cooker
full of scorched tapioca —
tons of elbow grease.

Turkey turns out great.
They eat it with raw carrots.
They clear the table.

I still need some peace.
I’m heading to the basement,
and find the laundry.

Whites are clean and bright.
This puts a smile on my face,
As I fold neat stacks.

All week I worked hard.
No time to look at faces.
I hope to catch up.


Haiku Friday

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25 comments to “Is it finally Friday? Thank God.”
  1. Wow — what an epic! I’m happy for you that Friday has arrived and I hope your weekend is a bit more relaxing if possible. I love tapioca!!!
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. wow…you do need a break! this was an awesome haiku set, though…sometimes i find that the bright side of craziness and chaos is good blog fodder!:-)

  3. wow. i’m exhausted just reading this!

    when laundry becomes a haven, my family knows it’s time for the men in the white coats 😉

    happy haiku friday!

  4. Wow! That was impressive.
    And – I love escaping to laundry and dishes. Crazy, isn’t it? I would have never thought I’d look forward to folding laundry or doing the dishes! But those are two tasks that I can start and usually complete when hubby’s home.

  5. You don’t need a pressure cooker — you’re IN one.

    Under pressure, the parent
    Blooms, discarding the dross,
    Revealing the core:

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