Telling Stories With Technology

Have you ever noticed that after you’ve searched for a particular product on the internet, that afterward, your computer screen is suddenly bombarded with ads for the same product on unrelated sites? They just mysteriously pop up there… as if that computer of yours is reading your mind.

And they are reading your mind… your clicks, your page loads… all of that activity you are doing online gives marketers a profile of who you are and what you plan to buy next.

Marketers don’t just stop with ascertaining what you plan to buy, but what stage are you in the buying cycle? Are you searching for information, scanning competitor sites? Are you reading case histories to see how others solved the problem? Are you checking prices?

Based on your IP address, the company knows how long you stayed on the web page, which pages you visited, how long you stayed to read, and of course if you shared the page. Marketers can use this information to track your behavior, so they can more appropriately target ads that will appeal to you.

And taking it one step further… marketers can use this information to write stories, and push them out to you in the exact stage of the decision-making process you’re in to meet you where you are, with the information you’re seeking. That’s called creating “mind-share.”

For a more technical explanation, you can read my article that was just published here. 


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