Sugar Jar

This is part II of the reorganization. It’s a  process. I wanted to stop and share this clever way I came up with to store sugar, baking soda, and all of those powder things you need to have quick access to around the kitchen.

Rather than a sugar bowl, why not have a sugar “jar.”  A recycled wine/pop bottle, and a cap, and a simple label with a permanent marker. (I can’t find the awesome chalkboard Chalkboard Contact Paper
I’ve been seeing on Pinterest… wouldn’t that make an awesome label?)

Seems simple, but can I say how nice it is to be able to pour sugar into my tea cup, without having to dip a spoon into the whole canister?  And who can ever get their measuring spoon into the baking soda and have it come out without that gap in the corner where the baking soda falls out, because of gravity?

Ahhhh…. using these bottles is making my life so much easier.

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