Friday the 13th

Congratulations. If you’re reading this, then the Friday the 13th Blackout of  Dreamhost websites must be over. After not being able to access my site for the last 48 hours, it’s nice to have control of the reins back. Dreamhost gave us periodic updates, but the only answer we were looking for was, “Systems have been restored.” But that message took a long time coming.

I try hard not to think that Friday the 13th is bad; it’s all in the perspective. But the kids stood around this morning as if “we had all the time in the world,” and the school bell was just a few minutes away from ringing.  So, I ended up driving them to school; which I find annoying because we’re only 2.5 blocks away.  I pulled out of the driveway to find a police officer exchanging information between two cars on the side of my normally quiet street.  A scandal, in my own neighborhood. I couldn’t help but feel that perhaps there might be some truth to this day’s spooky superstitions. One of the drivers is someone I know. I must call her; when she’s ready to talk.

I drove on. I reached the middle school, and my son says, “I am so late.” He was dressed in a shirt and tie — his class was having lunch with the Veterans today. He looked so handsome. I found a Kroger receipt in the car and scrawled out, “My son is late today because we had trouble tying his tie.”

After getting the other boys off to school, I realized that my site was down (see first paragraph.) This keeps happening, and I’m afraid Dreamhost and I will soon be parting ways. I gave more credence to this Friday the 13th thing, and decided maybe I should just hide the rest of the day in the bathtub and give myself some smooth skin. Then, I thought better of it, because most home accidents occur in the bathroom.

My neck is stiff from carrying around so much tension from this week; nothing I can specifically put my finger on. So, if you feel like me; just know I’m thinking of you.

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