Stop Storing Lettuce In Your Fridge

Who cares if the weather is getting cooler, and those endless days of summer are gone for the year. You can still grow something. This is prime growing season for lettuce. Lettuce, cabbage, like peas and most greens, prefer those cool nights and cooler days. Yet, if you’ve ever grown lettuce by seed, you know what a painfully slow and typically “unfruitful” process it can be. Lettuce takes forever to grow from seed — often yielding nothing.

So, since I learned how to grow vegetables from food — I know that anything with a “core” attached can be planted and grown. I’ve been popping all of my lettuce cores into the ground –and the lettuce keeps growing — every single time. Because, wouldn’t you rather eat a fresh salad rather than an old one?

Here’s the core of Romaine Lettuce,

and Red Leaf Lettuce  that I just planted  a few days ago.


Here’s the core of Romaine Lettuce that is 3 weeks old.


And here’s the core of Romaine that I planted 4 weeks ago — it’s almost salad time!

Stop storing your lettuce in the fridge — and stick those cores in the ground. If bugs and critters are a problem — sprinkle liberally with cayenne pepper.


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