Starts With An X

At 7 a.m., I heard our littlest boy yell out the words, “We got an XBOX guys, wake up!” at the top of his lungs. The words bellowed out as if he was releasing months, days, and agonizing seconds holding those words inside. Now, he was finally able to release them.

“Shhhhhh…. don’t tell,” the other brothers echoed through the house.

“Did you open the presents already?”

“No, mom, he’s just ‘guessing’…”

“Tell me, how did you know what you were getting for Christmas this year?”

“Well, our little brother saw the XBox in the trunk of the car – he saw it through the Target bag, and he told all of us — except one of us — he was away that weekend and missed out on the news.”

“That was back in October!”

“Yeah. We were afraid you would find out we knew, and then return it, so none of us breathed a word of it.”

“But,when the one brother who didn’t know came home, the little brother started to tell him, and we had to stop him…because we were so afraid you would find out we knew….. so, he stopped and said. ‘OK, I’ll give you a hint…. it starts with an X.'”

(Right, and that could only mean one thing…. a XYLOPHONE?!)

What a relief Christmas morning must have been to him this year.

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2 comments to “Starts With An X”
  1. Welcome to the X World!!
    I told you before about my sister when she was little? She would get so excited about Christmas and say to us…”If I tell you what I’ve you got for Christmas……will you forget???”
    Great photo.

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