Speechless in Adolescence

A certain someone in my house just can’t keep his mouth shut. No matter what we say, he follows up with some comment that completely turns our heads around in a complete 180. I’m spending more time taking his Ipod, sleepovers and video games away that I wonder if I’m dealing with a two-year old instead of an older child. Regression in parenting. How delightful.

We can check his grades on-line, any time, any time of day, on PowerSchool. The teachers update the scores daily. A C that showed up on his report card gave us the needed wake-up call that perhaps he’s spending a bit too much time on the XBox. So, I decided that any C on his report card meant no XBox, or Wii.

Yesterday, I pulled up his grades, and saw that his C has no moved up to a B-. That fast. Luckily, I didn’t tell him the rule yet, because I suddenly decided that a B- or lower is unacceptable.

“You aren’t playing video games until you get your B- turned into a B.”

“I can’t do that overnight.”

“Then I suggest you don’t get a B- so won’t have to worry about it.”

I think we were both shocked by the silence. Not a word uttered from his lips.

3 comments to “Speechless in Adolescence”
  1. I am scared by the idea of looking at grades online! As a teacher I’m scared I mean. Wow. The ACCOUNTABILITY!!!!!!!!!!
    And the hackability! Don’t they ever get ‘altered’?

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