Some Call It Cabin Fever…

We arrived at the cottage past midnight. Some unknown angel had plowed the lane; otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to make it to the door of the cottage, where a bed sat waiting, sheets icy, and bitter cold. snow210Four inches or so of snow came the week of New Year’s. This melted on top, then froze again, while another layer of snow was added on top. This too, melted and froze again, making an icy, crusted mass that made it difficult to shovel the driveway at midnight.

The weatherman predicts it’s going to get much colder. snow3That stifling temperature that chokes snow23the breath right out of your chest.snow29 Sunlight is sparse.snow6 This is a bitter time of year. Light is sparse. snow214The cold freezes everything: the water;snow28branches on the trees, snow27gas meters; and our time together. snow5Time. snow22The doors are bolted, the windows locked down to keep out the cold — pushing us tight, close together.snow4
They call it cabin fever.snow24 I call it a chance. snow2A chance to go deeper;snow30to build more memories, snow20to search their hearts deeper, to circle them with love, and to just see, snow25if we might just be able to stoke the embers within us and create our own light within ourselves. Because, the good stuff, is always at the bottom.

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3 comments to “Some Call It Cabin Fever…”
  1. This is lovely, Susie. On the few occasions when we are snowbound, I think about the pioneer families – stuck inside their cabins day after day after day……I think about the mothers and their children…..and what it must have been like.

  2. Holly, I’m hoping for another snow day or two, a repeat of our extended Christmas break — but I don’t think it will be cold enough tomorrow…

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