Giant Sized Peat Pots for Stronger Seedlings

Once the seeds sprouted so beautifully on the counter,image I wanted a way to plant them in containers that will give the vegetables plenty of room to grow. imageAnd because these “seedlings” must spend most of their childhood in a container (as we will not be heading to the lake until well past planting season, and I want the vegetables to be well on their way), I looked around for a ver large container that is “plantable.”  Giant-sized peat-pots, specifically.  image

There they were, in my pantry. Cereal and pasta boxes that were ready for the recycling bin.  I cut these cardboard boxes in half, and filled them with dirt (securing the bottom with duct tape), and loaded up the seeds.  

The green beans, are standing tall in paper cups.image

The plan is to keep them moist, in a room wiht plenty of light, until Memorial Day, and then, just drop the whole box in the ground at planinting time.  I expect that the green beans will have a little something to share from their plants two weeks after that. Lettuce, kale peas and other greens, should have something to share in a few days after planting, if not before. 

Any thoughts I had of skipping the whole vegetable garden, for fear that it’s too overwhelming have quickly vanished.  The thought of picking “dinner” at the lake is just too irresitible.   

If I want the time needed to create a healthy garden like this one, I’ll need to start the seeds and plants indoors.

Here’s a recap of what I did:  


Better yet, I’ll pre-start them by soaking them in water, just like I do “beans” for cooking, to start the sprouting process early. Right away, I’ll be able to see if any of my old seeds are “bad” and jump start the growth. I think this will be faster than just letting them sprout under soil… I’ve read it will.  Anyway, I like the transparency of the whole thing. Seeing what power these seeds are made of. 


I simply soaked the beans in a cup of water

— rinsing them once or twice a day. Until I saw sprouts. 
imageNext I planted them in trays and pots of dirt…image where they’ll grow until big enough to go out into the great big world. 

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