So, you’re having a boy?

My boys bring me so much joy
Soon, you’ll know it too.

What will it be like?
Four superhero bundles
terrorize my house.

Yet, there are moments,
like when they pick me flowers,
that make my heart melt.

You’d think they don’t care
but, they will be perceptive,
and notice your needs.

They might make you lunch,
like my 3-year-old did once,
when he heard me say,

“There’s no time to cook!”
The peanut-butter sandwich
made sloppy, with love.

There’s just one warning,
I want to pass on to you:
Remember this tip —

Always check the seat
before you sit down to pee;
It’s probably wet.

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33 comments to “So, you’re having a boy?”
  1. i love that last part!!! i always have to check before sitting…either, the toilet seat wasn’t put down or someone peed all over it!! i have 3 boys and 2 girls…and, all of them pee on the toilet seat!!!

  2. i loved this haiku! especially since i have two little boys under the age of 2.5 that terrorize my everday…and fill my everyday with sunshine! 😉

    happy Friday!

  3. My lone boy is just now one and I was terrified of having a boy. So far, he is 180 degrees opposite of my daughter at this age but he is wonderful, too.

    I love the line about the toilet seat- hee!

    Great ‘ku!

  4. Ha!
    I love it – I’ve got two boys over here and am so happy with them! We will have it sooo much easier during their teenage years than all those people with girls!

  5. see…i just got done leaving a comment, thanking someone else for words of encouragement…and then…i get your comment. 🙂
    i know…it’s a losing battle. there are waaaaaaaay more demons in this house, than angels…me, being the only angel!!! oh well…it won’t be long until they are making a huge mess in their college dorm room and i can have a nice, neat and quiet house!!

  6. I have two boys and can soooo totally relate. Fortunately, they are old enough to start cleaning their own damn bathroom! 🙂 Let’s hear it for flushable wipes!

  7. That was the best haiku I think I’ve ever read. Having 3 boys of my own I love reading stuff like that. It seems people always feel bad for me that I don’t have a girl, but what a blessing my boys are. That was gorgeous. I loved it! Just for that, I am bookmarking you!

  8. This is so great! Brings back lots of memories, too. I really enjoyed reading through your blog. Especially love the old barn post! Thanks for stopping by! ;o)

  9. oh i LOVE this! my 3 boys are out of the house now … i can sit down with confidence since i know my girls wont have left the seat up (or peed on it).

  10. When I was a little girl I always dreamed of having a girl, always had girl names picked out, never even considered that I might have a boy. Instead I was blessed with a little boy who is the sweet angel of my life, and who I can’t imagine life without.

    I have a cousin with *EIGHT* boys — I think she has finally given up trying for a girl!

  11. Even though I tell my daughter that what I *really* wanted was a puppy, I have to admit that boys are one of my two top choices when it comes to having a child.

  12. So very true and wonderful! The toilet seat… I will catch on eventually! He thinks it’s funny when I scream from the bathroom EWWWWW! Whatever makes them smile…

  13. great ‘kus…so true so true. i was sure i was going to have only boys…so much so that when #3 was born and a *girl* my hubby and i both said “are you sure?” to the doctor. he laughed…yes, i’m sure! he said….

  14. Thanks Susie! Those birthday boy quotes – I’ve been reading them out loud to Kyle, and the two of us are crying with laughter. Here’s hoping my little boy comes up with gems that are even a fraction as funny!

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