So, When A Reporter Is Coming To Your House

at noon sharp to take your photo, your only priority is to make sure your hair, your makeup and everything else looks good.  While I was busy slapping lipstick on my face, somebody else was busy too. Paintining his legs, his arms, and his face.

Of course, when the photographer arrives, he says something like, “Hey, aren’t you a mommy blogger or something?  We need to get your kids in this photo.”

Yeah, right. I do something like that. So,  I had no choice. I had to pull out the big guns — my Lancome Bi-Facil Double Action Eye Makeup Remover.

Worked like a charm.  At least his face was clear.

Just one more delay… still here — cleaning up stuff like this.

6 comments to “So, When A Reporter Is Coming To Your House”
  1. Ya gotta love em. They have such a sense of timing. I just hope it wasn’t one of your Lancome or Elizabeth Arden lipsticks!!! I was talking to a friend on the phone once when her three year old came out of the bedroom carrying her $50.00 lipstick fully extended from its case. Her voice went dead calm like a hostage negotiator
    “Put.The lipstick.Down” she said. (Step awaaaaay from the stick….)
    That’s a lovely photo anyway.
    Do I sense a reluctance to leave this summer????

  2. They certainly keep you hopping & keep things interesting! I don’t really remember our girls getting into much, but I do remember when I played “chemist” with my mom’s brand new set of facial wash, toners, perfumes, & makeup, etc! She was not very happy! I don’t remember the name, but it was in a really neat round case!

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