So, We Took Rosie On a Walk

With so little happening in the lake – it’s been too cold to swim, we took, Rosie on a little excursion. I knew there were horses around the bend, up the hill, and maybe we could see them. So, we walked, and talked and decided it was all very beautiful.image

When we saw the horses, we stopped by the fence to watch them, a bit mesmorized by their giant size, and their majesty.imageThe horses, slowly, while eating the clover in front of them, started moving toward us…. steadily they kept coming at us, until we realized they were there to meet us. They were actually coming down the hill to get closer to us — or maybe to see Rosie.



We couldn’t tell which.imageWe were so excited to be able to reach out and pet their noses that we almost lost control of Rosie, as she was halfway under the fence, trying to get to the horses.

We pulled her back through the fence, just in time.



I wonder what the horses and the dog said to one another…





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