So Jealous

These three are headed to the lake.

And I’m not.

How could this have happened? Sports. That’s what happened. Unbelievable. The two older boys have events this weekend. This is one of those Talking Heads moments when you scratch your head and say, “How did I get here?” In all truth, I need the break. There is a huge writing deadline looming over my head, and 2, rather than 4 boys, is much easier to handle when you’re trying to do anything other than “mother.” My goal is to have that writing project done by Sunday. We’ll see…

By 7 o’clock tonight, they’ll be standing on the dock, breathing in that fresh air. When you stand on the deck, and take in all that water, I swear your blood pressure drops immediately. The boys will be chasing away the geese, there will be a fire tonight and definitely s’mores. The smell of the camp fire will linger in their hair as the three of them finally drift off to sleep.

There is much “man stuff” to do this weekend at the lake, involving docks, boat lifts, heavy lifting, boat engines. The weather will be warm, so Daddy carted off some of my plants,

and will plant them in my keyhole garden — if he can figure out my “map” and read my hand writing. This weekend will be the little boys’ chance to learn the fine art of fishing, without their big brothers in the boat telling them how “they’re doing it all wrong.”

I packed a cooler full of uncooked chicken drumsticks, melon, strawberries, mac and cheese and soup with corn bread, and sent them on their way.  The older boys have stuff going on tonight, and the house is blissfully quiet. I know I should write, but a nap seems quite tempting at the moment.

Sunday will be here soon enough.

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