So I Made THAT Hot Pink Valentine Wreath

You know, that gorgeous, plush, hearth shaped valentine wreath? That tedious one that uses small felt squares, that you turn into flower petals — and you do it a million times?felt valentine hear wreath005

Well, I did it. I have no idea what got into me. I already had a few yards of this gorgeous, hot pink felt, and of course, I had that leftover Polystyrene from the giant photo poster, and a glue gun. So, why not just dive in and make it?

felt valentine hear wreath001

At first, I tried to cheat. Maybe I could make BIG flowers out of the felt, and attach them to the Styrofoam.

felt valentine hear wreath2001


Bigger flowers, less cutting, less folding and less gluing? But, it lacked that lush, opulent look that I love in THAT Valentine wreath. My origami master, had a big hand in this.

felt valentine hear wreath2002


These were gorgeous felt flowers, and I have to figure out something to do with those.

So, back to square one, I cut the squares into smaller 1 inch squares, and got to work hot gluing them into the shape of little triangles, that looked like flower petals, and glued them to the Styrofoam.

felt valentine hear wreath004


I sat down with the family to watch, We Bought a Zoo, and got to work. There was a point, when I was almost 1/4 of the way done, and I looked at it, and said, “This is going to take forever.”

But then, something magical happened. I just started going really fast, and the heart wreath was completely covered with 1 inch flower petals in the time it took to watch We Bought a Zoo, and the taped Lance Armstrong interview. The little origami guy helped cut some squares — that definitely helped quicken things up.

felt valentine hear wreath002

It wasn’t that bad — really. It’s a gorgeous wreath, and it was worth the time.

felt valentine hear wreath003

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