Snowflake Cut-Out Cookies

The kids came home from school early, and thankfully, we had this little project.


They were very easy, a lot less messier than making paper snowflakes, and the kids were delighted, and happily entertained; for all of about 20 minutes. You cut these into snowflake shapes before baking them. The dough is won-ton wrappers, which are nice and soft, and can easily be cut with kid scissors. Here’s what you do:

Susiej snowflak cookies

Start with one won-ton wrapper,and fold it in half, and then over again to make a square. Then, fold over to make a triangle, and start cutting little divots and triangles — cut only on that folded side. We had to look up some of our favorite designs.

Then, we spritzed our designs with olive oil, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and finally baked at 325 degrees for 5-10 minutes.  However, I remember the recipe I read (in a doctor’s office waiting room) said to sprinkle them with sugar — or cinnamon and sugar. Try that — maybe with a bit of butter mixed with the olive oil, because, these, in the words of my teenager, “really tasted awful.” Still, they couldn’t stop eating them!

As a side benefit, I think we can now add these cookies to our snow day good luck charm, as, since we made these, they are now forecasting a winter storm that could start early in the morning. They say, “Lots of snow.”

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4 comments to “Snowflake Cut-Out Cookies”
  1. Adding won ton wrappers to my grocery list. Winter break is just a week away and we’ll need things to do.

    Feel free to send up some snow up to NH. Half my yard is bare!

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  3. Just popping back to say we made these today and they were great fun. Cinnamon and sugar are a must. Otherwise they taste pretty bland. And I used straight melted butter instead of oil. I just painted it on with my fingers but a brush would be neater and faster. Thanks for the idea, we’ll definitely be doing this again!

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