We hear there’s snow up at the lake, so we’re off for the big toboggan run. I can hardly contain myself — I’m so eager to see if any of our friendly critters neighbors made it into our house, looking for a warm place to eating holes in the blankets rest. Rest. Let’s all rest.

I might pop in and out, but you just never know. So, I leave you with some great, interesting reads:
Brush up on your photography skills here. I hope you’ve signed up and are ready to go. If you don’t have a blog, that’s OK — you can still do this. The Angry Chicken is completely amazing. Every time I stop by, my jaw hangs open. And here’s a long tail to ponder. Scribbit, as always, is just on top of EVERYTHING. And here is a nicely done Gingerbread House. And congratulations to you, and thanks for the laughs! And I think her sock monkeys turned out very cool.

And yes, I believe we all want the same things, and rituals helps us get there, and maybe some of us just don’t have time to follow-through all year long. But we eventually arrive in the same place, with different paths.

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