Snip, Snip… Instant Cardigan

How I love cardigans… I can never find them in just the right colors…and too often they have jewels and rhinestones embedded in them, and all I want is just an everyday cardigan.

This royal blue wool sweater is warm and cozy and soft to the skin. It’s warm. Did I say that? I am always cold, and any sweater that does it’s job of keeping me warm is worth gold. Yet, I almost gave this sweater away. The crew neckline was too high… it was too far from being a turtle neck, and not low enough to ever look normal.

Since I was going to give it to Goodwill anyway, I did an experiment. I measured the center, and used a straight edge to draw a line right down the center of the front of the sweater. And I cut it.

The edges rolled back, hiding the “cut-line”, and I had an instant cardigan. I could embellish the edges with seam binders tape… add some cool buttons…but so far, I’ve been too busy wearing my new instant cardigan.


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