Skin Repair for Summer-Kissed Skin

Yes, I wear sunscreen, and I know you do too. Yet, by the end of most days, I have a red patch right on my neckline, despite frequent applications of sunscreen, wearing a hat, and staying out of the sun as much as is possible.


Yes, it may not be too late to heal your skin from the damage of UVA and UVB rays, and time — without spending a fortune at the cosmetic counter.  Just open your fridge to find the elixirs.  Beets, according to Dr. Olree, repair damaged DNA.   All of the data here in this post about the healing affects of beets, coconut oil, turmeric and carrots are documented in the book, Minerals for the Genetic Code: An Exposition & Anaylsis of the Dr. Olree Standard Genetic Periodic Chart & the Physical, Chemical & Biological Connection.


Turmeric has many documented health benefits, including preventing melanoma and other cancers.


For years, I have been using an essential oil mix that is especially made for me at our local aromatherapy shop, that includes carrot oil as the base, with almond oil as the carrier. My original intention of using the oil was to prevent more appearances of pre-skin cancer cells. (No re-occurrences in the last 8 years!) The formula includes Rose and Russian Lavender and citrus oils, and was originally formulated in Europe to heal the skin of burn victims. I think it works marvelously – no leather skin here. But who knows if a youthful appearance is due to the carrot oil, or just good genes?

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Taking the skin repair a bit further, I eat these foods at least weekly (always fermented for the best health benefits). But for immediate relief, I created a skin healing mask with carrots, beets and turmeric, all packaged in a neat little mask to repair the damaged skin cells caused by too much sun and age.  Combined with coconut oil, which helps rebuild skin tissue, and clay to draw out impurities.

To make this mask, simply puree raw beets, turmeric, carrots in your food processor. (In fermented form is best, as all the necessary vitamins and minerals will be potent, but not not necessary.) A juicer will be great too… but I think the pulp helps to exfoliate the skin.

Add this paste to a blend of coconut oil and Healing Clay  (which pulls out impurities) to make a paste, and apply to your skin, and let sit for at least twenty minutes.

Afterwards, your skin will glow, and will look very clean.  The bentonite clay will pull out impurties, so you may see a few blemishes rise to the surface over the next two days.

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