Shhhh, Mom

This is a boy who spotted a turtle, with a shell the size of a dinner plate. She, the turtle, was trying to come to to shore o that she could lay her eggs. Yet, every time she swam close to shore, he “sensed her,” and began to play a game of cat and mouse with her. It didn’t matter whether the boys was busying playing with his noisy legos up on the deck, eating a sandwich, or building a sand castle, he “knew” when she was close, and off he’d run with net in hand. Several times.

“Shhhh Mom, she can hear you.”

The turtle was over 100 feet away from him, under water, when she made her appearance — yet he knew she was there.

Now he’s asleep, dreaming up a new plan of attack. He’d only like to make contact with her, make her acquaintance, before he heads off to finish his lego creation, or jump off the dock with his brother.

His quest continues today.

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