She’s Just Hanging Around the Front Door

With my little man’s help, I taped together some pages from an old Atlas, and I carefully watched his video, on how to make an Origami Dress.


I only asked him for help 3 times.
origami dresswreath2007

origami dresswreath2005

origami dresswreath2008

He’s just soooo good at this. He’s a master.

origami dresswreath2006

I gave her some support, with some carefully cut foam core (from the huge poster project.)

And, I embellished her with a pink felt rose flower, which I made by cutting a circle, and cutting into a spiral, and rolling.

origami dresswreath2004 origami dresswreath2003

Then, I added some of those square flowers, from the Valentine’s wreath, at the hem.

felt valentine hear wreath002


And now, she’s just hearalding spring, on the front door.

origami dresswreath2001

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