Shellac Might Preserve Fruit

When the big boys were little, I took them to a clay class at the community recreation center about once a week. The girl who taught the class was a vivacious Italian, who spoke with a bit of broken English sometimes. She was so delightful, and the boys loved it when she would let them use the potter’s wheel. shellac fruit002

She mentioned that she had an artist friend who liked to use fruits and vegetables in her sculptures. To preserve them, she simply brushed them with a couple of coats of shellac and they lasted forever.shellac fruit001Fast forward about 12 years later, and I’m ready to try it. I found a bunch of lemons for $1 a bag at the grocery store … I think these would make a nice wreath.

So, I dipped them into a can of shellac, and I’m waiting for them to dry…So far, they are shinny, and gorgeous… 

Work in progress….shellac fruit004

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