Sheet Music Wreath

This wreath is now

sheet music wreath susiej

sheet music wreath

making its appearance on my front door — a vintage sheet music wreath. This wreath is so easy to make — I’ll make one for you if you bring me Cookies.

This is a HUGE wreath —

that is a live human being hiding behind that wreath. Yes, he’s Elf-sized… but the wreath completely covers him. To make a smaller wreath, use smaller music.

I used a twig wreath base for this sheet music wreath, but any circle form will do.

There are 23 pages of sheet music (photocopies work fine) around the circle, and four pages to make the center.

Feel free to “coffee” stain your sheet music, spray paint the edges silver — whatever you want.

Fold each page of sheet music into cones. Remember all those paper folding crafts you did in elementary school. This is where you get to use those skills.

Glue each cone to the wreath base, being careful not to smash the cone. I didn’t even use a glue gun on this — simple Elmer’s glue worked fine.

When you have a complete circle of cones glues, you will notice that you have quite a mess in the middle.

To fix that, fold sheet music pages into accordion fans and connect them into a circle with glue.

sheet music wreath

sheet music wreath

Then glue your “circle” onto the center of the wreath.

So easy! Something the kids or grandkids can help you make.

sheet music wreath

sheet music wreath

It just might make your advent calendar activity list! More on our list later this week…. but rest-assured, the boys did not let me down. One activity called for “tackling one brother… and HAVING FUN!”



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  2. Beautiful, I wish you were here, I’d make you lots of cookies for one of these.
    I may try it myself. Love you sweet friend!

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