Shamrock Cookies and Gold Coins

“Mom, are you going to buy the stuff for the pot of gold scavenger hunt?”


“See! I tricked you. There is no leprechaun! It’s you.” (I wonder….. who’s tricking who?)

“The leprechan contacted me to find out if I wanted to place an order this year.”

“There’s no leprechaun… how come last year I found those shamrock cookies in your cart at the grocery store?”

“The leprechan saw me looking at them in the store, and he put them in my cart. See, he’s always watching me to find out what I want.”

“Come on, Mom, you bought them didn’t you?”

“Do you think I’m that rich that I could afford to buy lucky shamrock cookies and gold coins? Of course not.”

The leprechaun did show up with the pot of gold… but there was no scavenger hunt. Just cookies and gold coins that disappeared as quickly as the leprechaun who came to deliver them. Then, full of luck, the boys started playing their poker game.



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