Sewing Dolls

I’m all thumbs when it comes to pins, needles and threads. But the little boy insisted we make a batman doll.

He made the pattern,

then we pinned it up onto an old white handkerchief. He insisted on white.

But, he insisted that we add the “details” before we began cutting.

And this is where the project stands right now. I’m hoping this is our stopping point because I have no idea how to thread the sewing machine, or how I could ever get that machine maneuvered around these tight little corners. And hand-sewing would take forever.

But oh, how I wish I was different, and this doll was different. That instead of weaving stories, I could weave blankets, dolls and toys into existence. That I knew how to thread the sewing machine (yes, I’ve been shown several times) and more importantly, that I just wanted to remember how to do it. But sewing is just one huge block for me.

5 comments to “Sewing Dolls”
  1. If you can scan the doll as it is now and email it to me, I will see what I can do. (I have quite a bit of white fabric.) Then sew the seams and mail it over to you, then you guys could stuff it – you would have to sew the small opening shut but that is all. Would he mind if it was a little larger? That would make it ALOT easier – lol.

  2. I would let him sew it by hand. Sew almost all the way around, maybe leaving a space in the head to stuff in some cotton balls bits or stuffing.

    I do agree with Wendy that it would be much easier if it were a little bigger. But if you let him try to hand stitch, maybe he will figure that out himself?

  3. I agree with the sewing it by hand. Have it enlarged and then it really isn’t hard to to. Right now the poor thing looks like a voodoo doll. 🙂

  4. Just happened by this old post, and now I’m curious how your project turned out!

    I’m sure there are people you know, or at least near you, who can sew a doll that size (if you really don’t want to attempt it)? Either way, good luck bringing your little boy’s creation (well, his and DC Comics’) to life. 😉

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