Seed Sprout Necklackes Grow With Your Heart

These seed necklaces provide just enough moisture and warmth, thanks to a little one’s heart, to sprout a seed. Once you have roots, and a couple of leaves, your seed is ready to transplant to your garden.


Here’s how to make your own seed necklace:

  1. Start with a jeweler’s plastic bag — the small ones.
  2. Moisten a cotton ball with water and insert into bag.
  3. Add a seed of your choice. This one is a loofah gourd seed.
  4. Close plastic bag, and make a hole just big enough to push twine through.
  5. Run twine through hole, and adjust length and knot twine  so that the seed packet falls right about where the heart is.
  6. When you see roots and sprouts, your necklace is ready to transplant.  A friend reports that she has let hers go for a month in this sprouted state in the bag, and the seed continued to thrive in the garden, after the transplant.  So no rush, no worries.


He who cultivates a garden, and brings to perfection flowers and fruits,
cultivates and advances at the same time his own nature.
– Ezra Weston, 1845

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  2. I always try to put a big one in that sprouts pretty fast — like a green bean, or a Bachelor Button, but not a Nasturtium! They take forever!

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