Scientific Proof That Santa Does Exist

Here are the answers to those questions your children ask you about the proof of Santa’s existence. Here is a list of scientific breakthroughs, that can put your mind at rest, so you can stop running around trying to be Santa; because Santa will take care of it all. Most of the scientific breakthroughs came from Silverberg, a noted U.S. engineer, rocket scientist, and professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, for our scientific proof.

santa4According to Silverberg, “Santa has made several scientific breakthroughs since he moved to the North Pole more than 1,000 years ago in. His primary research has been on Einstein’s theory of relativity, which allows him to bend and stretch the time space continuum.

If tracking Santa’s whereabouts on Christmas Eve on Norad doesn’t satisfy your curious child, here are the answers to the 13 most commonly asked questions children have about Santa:

  1. Are there really elves? This evidence became crystal clear when my son examined the screws that went into the battery compartment of his special toy. “Elves are the reason we have to use these tiny screwdrivers to change the batteries in toys.”
  2. How will Santa know what I want? Those letters to Santa are nice, but they’re not the real reason Santa knows what you want. Scientists know that a thought can change matter. So, Santa has constructed an elaborate underground antenna that collects electromagnetic waves (similar to cell phones) from the thoughts-waves of children. These waves are filtered so that Santa can distinguish which thoughts are coming from which kids.
  3. Can reindeer really fly? Just because you’ve never seen a flying reindeer doesn’t mean they don’t exist. According to Spy Magazine, “there are perhaps several hundred thousand species of living organisms yet to be classified, and while most of these are insects and microorganisms, this does not COMPLETELY rule out flying reindeer which only Santa has ever seen.”
  4. How does Santa know when I’m good? Santa knows. The same filtering system he uses to collect your thoughts and presents also helps him see how sweet and adorable you are.
  5. How can Santa make it to every house in one night? When Santa realized that in physics, distance and time look different in different reference frames. This allowed him to control time, space and light by creating “relativity clouds,” where time can get much longer and space can contract. Inside the relativity cloud, Santa has months to deliver presents, and we see it as a split second. Silverberg’s team at NCSU performed detailed calculations using this relativity model. “We found that in six months, a fleet of 750 sleighs could get to all of the homes on Earth, traveling an average of 84 mph in the relativity cloud,” he said. “Of course, outside the cloud, all that happens on Christmas Eve.”
  6. I stayed up all night, and Santa never came. This is because Santa’s relativity cloud brings him to our house in milliseconds; he moves so fast that it is impossible to see him. Similar to a way a bumble bee buzzes by.
  7. How does Santa fit through the chimney – and what if we have a fire in it? Using this same relativity clouds, “Santa probably also shrinks and expands the cloud, so he can enter houses through tiny openings. This means he can come down the chimney, through a keyhole, or our mail slot.
  8. How does Santa know which way to fly? Mrs. Claus handles the advanced onboard computers with built in GPS systems – similar to what we now have in cars today – to create the most efficient routes for Santa’s sleigh.
  9. How does Santa fit all of those toys on his sleigh? Santa doesn’t bring presents on his sleigh. Silverbergs says that Santa created an on-the-spot toy maker. The nano-toymaker remote control is pointed at a special substance Santa places under the tree. This is similar to the way new skin is created when you get hurt.
  10. What is Santa’s sleigh like? Silverberg explains that the GPS system on Santa’s dashboard is holographic. It displays cruise control and manual override, the nano-toymaker, the children’s toy lists, and the optimized navigational maps. The sleigh also has two drink holders (for eggnog).
  11. How many homes does Santa visit? Here’s a great mathematical problem for your children to ponder over when they say they’re bored over Christmas break: Calculation here by Silverberg: 191 million children under age 18 in industrialized countries (per UNICEF). Average of 2.67 children per home, sSo there are 75 million homes to visit.
  12. How far does Santa travel on Christmas Eve? Another “I’m bored” activity, provided by Silverberg. The Earth’s radius is 3986 miles which yields a surface area of 4R2=200 million square miles. Average distance between homes is the square root of 200/75 =1.63 miles. Total distance traveled is 75×1.63=122 million miles. Assuming 1 sleigh delivering presents over 24 hours, the average speed of the sleigh is 122×106/24=5, 083, 000 mph (Mach 480). The speed of light is 300 million meters/sec. = 669,600,000 mph which is 669,600/5,083=130 times greater than the average speed of the sleigh. There’s more than enough time to do it!!
  13. I don’t understand what you said. A more realistic scenario: Assume Santa delivers the presents in 6 “Santa” months. The average speed is then 5,083,000/182.5 = 27,852 mph (Mach 2.62). In another scenario, assume that Santa has a fleet of 750 sleighs. The average speed is then 84 mph – which is achievable using Santa’s reindeer equipped with jetpacks.

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77 comments to “Scientific Proof That Santa Does Exist”
  1. Haha, wonderful list! I copied it to send to some friends.
    My TT wishes you “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” in 13 European languages.

  2. Of course, he’s real! 🙂

    My son still believes. I am dreading the day in which he doesn’t, but hopefully, that will not be for a couple more years! 🙂

  3. I remember when my daughter was very little and still believed. The joy on her face when she discovered that the carrot she left out for Santa’s reindeer had been eaten!

  4. Too funny! I got a tricky question from my 5 yr old this year: “If the saints are in Heaven with God, then how does St. Nick deliver all the presents to all the good kids?” I mumbled something about saints working miracles and quickly changed the subject to miracles worked by other saints.

  5. Shelly, of course Santa had GPS when I was little. He perfected the system over 500 years ago, before the world was as populated as it is now.

    Crimson Wife: It’s the time space relativity. He can be two places at once.

  6. The interesting and strange movie “Down the Rabbit Hole” adds even more info to your lucid and wise insights. I wonder if Santa and the Easter Bunny have the same PR team getting the word out?

  7. What a cute & perfect TT! 🙂 Sure seems like you put a lot of thought into this. I’ll have to share this w/ some friends!
    Have a great Thursday!

  8. I’m headed toward my mid-thirties and my family STILL labels all gifts under the tree “from santa”. It’s a magic that never grows old. *Grin*

    Great list, I’ll pass it along. 🙂

    Happy TT


  9. #8: Well of course Mrs. Claus handled the navigation duties, and it was SHE who developed the GPS system, based upon her previous by hand calculations!

    Outstanding TT list. Loved it!

    Happy TT and Merry Christmas!

  10. Happy Thursday!

    I love your post!! and about the tiny screwdrivers. Too cute!

    I still want to believe and I try very hard to make sure the kids believe. We still get gifts from “santa”

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