School bells and playtime


No way to make it,

on time, to school everyday.

See, we have BIG plans.

As caped crusaders,

we’ve got our costumes to wear,

plus, there’s crime to fight.

We’re up at seven,

ready, serious, for play

Still, not enough time.

Tears at 11,

time for lunch,

and real clothes too,

still, play makes us late.

We are getting later, and later everyday. Breaks my heart to break up their playtime. You can read more Haiku Friday’s here.

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Alltop has over 46 (and growing) categories, and its clean design made for easy browsing. And yep, I’m included, go see me under Moms.



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21 comments to “School bells and playtime”
  1. I love your haikus!

    Sometimes our daycare provider admits that she didn’t take the kids out that day, because their inside play was too wonderful to interrupt. I think it’s good to be able to throw out the schedule sometimes if you can. Playing is really precious, valuable time!

  2. Practicality
    interrupts creative play …
    Oh so difficult

    balancing it all
    finding time for everything!
    Challenging at best ;–)

    Lovely photos and
    ‘Ku today reminding us
    play importantly

    teaches all of us
    how to live and exercise

    Hugs and blessings,

  3. Aw, so adorable and such a fun ‘ku! I agree that playtime is important. At no other point in their lives will it ever be as much fun to dress up in costume as it is now. When I think of how strong my imagination was at that age, I’d love now to have just a fraction of it. Good stuff!

  4. Susie, you are great with words. You are able to put the words and pictures so nicely together that your reader can actually “feel” what you are saying.

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