Sage Wreath

It’s amazing to me how quickly certain herbs spring back to life, bearing bright green leaves while the grass is still golden, and the trees haven’t even begun to sprout. Chives, Rosemary, Sage — already green.
sage wreath004

This has been happening for quite some time, as it is well beyond the golden gray stage of winter here, but I’ve been keeping my eye on that sage … thinking I’m going to do something with that. Sage bush has literally taken off into a huge silvery green bush.

sage wreath003

I cut off some branches, and made a makeshift circle out of a wire hanger. I used some florist wire, and set to work.

sage wreath002

It was tempting not to just stop and fry the sage and eat it…but I kept going, knowing that as I hung the wreath on the front door, it’s smell would stay with us in the house, quietly calming nerves through the hectic spring season.

sage wreath001




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