Rosie’s Social Life

Every few days or so, I get a text on my phone that simply states a place and a time.


This is Rosie’s “Play Group.” My son and I stumbled upon it quite accidentally… we were driving home from a full day of shopping for a suit for him to wear to the dance when we saw a pack of dogs jumping around in the field by our house.


Even though my feet ached from the hours of pounding the hard mall floor, I was instantly motivated to see our own dog frolicking out there. And, as I packed the car with Rosie, I noticed my son, taking over the driver’s seat to come along.

How often does this happen? A teenager joins his mom and dog to hang out at the dog park? Yippee!image

It was bitter cold, and instantly, Rosie was greeted by the welcoming committee imageand a kind gentleman came over to ask me if I would like to be included on the call list. So, we were in.image

We can’t always make it — but I find myself taking her there more often than not — because I feel guilty if she’s missing out on all the fun. imageYesterday, it was bitter cold, but Rosie loves the snow, and as I stood in the park, it was almost like a scene from The Bishop’s Wife, with the dogs acting as the ice skaters on an idyllic vintage ice skating rink.

And Rosie LOVES the cold… this was her, last night — trying to cool off.



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