Rosie’s Job

It may look as if she has nothing at all going on in her day. Sleeping, eating, chasing squirrels, and the occasional escape.

rosie2003Lounging may appear to be her biggest job.

Looks can be deceiving. Rosie does, in fact, have a real job.

Ever since big brother went away to college, there have been empty spaces. Literally, empty spaces. At night, when it was time for the littlest guy to get his bath and head to bed, big brother was already upstairs, in his room studying.
Now, when the little guy needs to go upstairs, there’s no one up there. And due to some nightmare that happened years ago, the little guy is unwilling, uh-hem, afraid to go upstairs without big brother there to protect him from “bad guys.”

We miss big brother. In so many ways.

So, now that’s Rosie’s job — to accompany the little guy, as a sort of bodyguard. Today, he accompanies the little guy wherever he needs to go — to the basement to fetch a lost sock? rosie004Upstairs for a bath? Whatever he needs, Rosie is happy to step up to the plate and do her part.


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