Rosie, The Escape Artist

So, it turns out that the fence that once housed our beloved Max, is not strong enough for Rosie. rosie005

She has figured out how to dig “under” the fence, and expand her boundaries. 

After a couple of frantic searches, we found her in the caring arms of the neighbor directly behind us. 


Rosie must have come upon a load of food there, because, now, even before eating, she makes a beeline for that fence where she can find any one of numerous places that she can dig her way through to that mecca.


So, the boys, and a couple of neighbor boys, committed themselves to burying some chicken wire under the fence to put a stop to Rosie’s escapes.

But there were bushes in the way. 


One was a wild red raspberry bush that produced little, yet was taking over our yard. And plus, it got in the way of “swinging.” They asked for permission, and working faster than what I thought was humanly possible, they tore into that wild red raspberry bush. (Rosie helped.) 


And also the Viburnum… and the Burning Bush — the two bushes that were not on the list.

The underground tunnel fence is not done, so Rosie must be closely watched at all times. 


But the backyard is cleaned up — the good went out with the bad.



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One comment to “Rosie, The Escape Artist”
  1. I wonder if Rosie could come over to my house and try to get under my fence…do you think your boys would then pull out all my bushes too? Just a thought…. 🙂

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