Rolls are the perfect bread

I just heard somewhere that it costs about 40 cents to make a loaf of bread. (I’m thinking of doing a cost-by-cost analysis someday on this soon.) Given that the cost of store-bought bread is well over $2.00 it makes good “sense” to make your own. Making bread in Five Minutes means there is time to make bread. Plus, I don’t have to think about all of those extra additives in store-bought bread — one less thing to clutter my mind with. The smell of fresh bread in the house is an easy, cheap luxury.

Rarely do I have the time to slice the bread properly. So instead, I’ve been tearing off the dough in little balls. The bread bakes faster (using less electricity) and the kids can grab them to use for sandwiches in their lunch, or a quick snack of of PB&J or ham and cheese. Depending on my mood, I sometimes add sesame seeds or poppy seeds to the rolls before they rise. These little rolls seem to be perfect size for us.

Smiling biscuits by chibirock.

Photo via Chibirock

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  1. Huh. Will try. I love that book – we’ve been making all of our own bread for the past couple of months, alternating between that simple “five minutes a day” bread, and a slightly richer, fluffier classic white bread.

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