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  1. God help me, as soon as I saw the first, that damn theme from the 60’s show started going through my mind….

    A blog I read is about comics. In a recent article, the writer quoted a comic book where Batman is lecturing another player on how crime fighting is much too dangerous now, definitely not for kids. And the other player replies ‘So now I’m getting child rearing tips from the guy who lose FOUR Robins?”

    Now I know where they went!

  2. I was chatting with your youngest the other day, discussing costumes. I told him that I thought I remembered his brothers wearing a Robin costume. Nice to see the visuals!

  3. Well mom, you have to try things on, practice, and then try them on again. It’s a big night out for the kids. This is a very fun post. Have a great WW and Halloween. 🙂

  4. Over at our house, we’re the same way. My eldest — who turns 11 in mere days — went through a costume phase for a couple of years, starting when he was about 4. Always wore costumes. So we’ve got plenty now for youngest! Great photos. Cutie pies!

  5. Looks like you got your money’s worth out of that costume. My four boys are the same way. My youngest, 3 yrs old, loves wearing a cowboy costume that was my oldest’s, 15 yrs old, when he was a toddler.

  6. LOL dontcha love it! That’s how my Olivia is with her Spidey outfit. I’ve really gotten my monies worth on that one (a whole 9.99!) And why wouldn’t he wear it? He looks so adorable in it!

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