Remember When We Almost Lost Him

At the high school auditorium, we sit together, by ourselves, without our children. Well… one is at the front of the stage, violin in hand, tuning his instrument to get ready for the concert. The three of us are together, seperated by a sea of people, a stage and protocol. It’s just the 3 of us.

“Remember that night when he wasn’t with us yet, but he was very present, and we thought we would loose him?”

He doesn’t… so I drop clues…

The labor pains started, finally, we rushed to the hospital… the three of us — he’s there, but he’s not there. The monitors quickly tell us he’s in distress… calm down… he’s not getting enough oxygen… he’ll need to be taken immediately…. we’re not making any promises.

At that moment we would have given EVERYTHING WE HAD to guarantee we’d be here tonight, some 15 years later, doing exactly this.

He arrives. He SCREAMS. Everyone in the room is joyful They take him from us… for so long… checking him, prodding him… is he fine… but we are separated… he seems so far, just 10 feet away in the nurses arms, and it seemed to take an eternity to hold him….kind of like tonight.

Thank You for answered prayers.


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  1. Beautiful. My gal turned blue a little while after she was born and was whisked away from me. I remember an incredible feeling of aloneness as everyone left the room to follow the nurse with the baby. I was ever so grateful to the one who doubled back to stay with me..

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