Catching Your Dreams

Have you ever scratched a goal on a scrap piece of paper, forgot about it, and threw it away? And then, five years later, you find that crumpled piece of paper, tossed in the bottom of a drawer. And your goal is real, and it’s is so much a part of your life that it’s “old news.” You forget, or ignore the profound reality that your wish came true?

You haven’t? Wake Up! Pay Attention — this stuff is happening all the time. You need to “catch” them!

There is so much power in the written word. If you don’t believe that, try reading the book, Write It Down, Make It Happen: Knowing What You Want And Getting It.

Better yet, do this. Found on my favorite blog,  Modern Hepburn.

What a great way to spend a New Year. This will be so much fun to do with the boys…


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