Gifts Of The Morning

I can’t even remember the day I started, or why I started, for that matter. But the day I started running, it was warm, and it happened this past spring.

I hate running. That is such a strong word – and I don’t make a habit of using that word. But the word does exemplify how I truly feel about running.

Yet, with wisdom and time, I have learned that running is quite efficient at it’s job of raising your heart rate, with quite a small investment of time and equipment. Few activities can make that claim.

This is not my first engagement with running. Running always eventually  loses, as it fades in and out of my routine. Yoga maintains its place as a stronghold in my life – regardless of what other kick I”m on.

Yoga. I could go on an on about how beneficial it is, and how grateful I am for the gift of its poses. But not now.

I used to spend up to forty minutes getting ready to run – because I dreaded it so much. I thought of everything — fussing with Pandora, fussing with headphones, fusing with my shoestrings. Wasting time. Then, I saw a Pintersest sign that stated, “ Go running as soon as your feet hit the floor; before your mind knows what it’s doing.”

Good advice.

Runners tell me that I will change. That running will change. The pain will go away. Maybe, the pain is giving away, just a little, but I don’t presume that to happen. I can’t imagine the day when I will love to go for a run.

Surprisingly, though, something unexpected did happen. I’ve found myself, gradually,  a bit eager to get out of bed and lace up my shoes. I just can’t wait to get outside to see what the night left behind on earth; as if everything I see is a little gift to rediscover.

And that little payoff came in big while here on vacation.


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