Quickest, Easiest Halloween Banner Ever Made

There are gorgeous floor ceiling windows in our kitchen. They scream “banner!” At Christmas, there is usually some kind of garland, but, never a banner. With my love of words, and newsprint, it’s a shame that so many holidays go by without a banner of some kind.

Inspired by, (what else is there?) Pinterest — I made a really super cool Halloween Banner.

I tore out pages from an old paperback book, already yellowed.

Using a Black Sharpie, I wrote the appropriate letters. (No stencil — just freehand.)

I used some cut-outs of witches and a big fat moon and glued some of those on the pages too.

Then, using wooden clothespins, I strung the pages onto a black ribbon (which matches my burlap curtains perfectly),

and Viola!

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